Perlux Hypoallergenic Tencel 100% Waterproof Mattress Protector - Vinyl, PVC, Phthalate and Pesticide Free

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Perlux Luxury TENCEL Mattress Protector
Registered as a Class 1 Medical Device with the FDA
Perlux products are registered as a
Class 1 Medical Device with the FDA.

Perlux Hypoallergenic Tencel 100% Waterproof Mattress Protector - Vinyl, PVC, Phthalate and Pesticide Free

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Perlux mattress protectors are made with premium TENCEL fibers derived from renewable eucalyptus wood cellulose. What makes TENCEL fibers so desirable, aside from being a natural and organic material, are the revolutionary properties that are unique to it. TENCEL is softer than silk, cooler than linen, and absorbs 50% more moisture than cotton. Perlux luxury TENCEL mattress protectors use a 100% TENCEL surface with a breathable and waterproof membrane, providing the softest, coolest, and driest sleep surface available.

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Mattress Size
Price per Unit
Perlux Twin Mattress Protector (Tencel)
38" x 75" x 14"
Perlux Twin XL Mattress Protector (Tencel)
38" x 80" x 14"
Perlux Full Mattress Protector (Tencel)
54" x 75" x 14"
Perlux Queen Mattress Protector (Tencel)
60" x 80" x 18"
Perlux King Mattress Protector (Tencel)
76" x 80" x 18"
Perlux Cal King Mattress Protector (Tencel)
72" x 84" x 18"
TENCEL organic fibers

Fibers made out of TENCEL (left picture) have an extremely smooth surface compare to cotton (right picture). This characteristic of TENCEL fibers help prevent skin irritation and makes the fibers feel pleasant on the skin.

10 Year Warranty
Protects against fluids, dust mites, and bacteria

Why TENCEL mattress protectors?

Perlux mattress protectors with TENCEL offer the best in mattress protection that buyers have come to expect from SafeRest, along with the added performance and recovery features of TENCEL 100% natural eucalyptus-based fibers.

Derived from cellulose fiber in wood pulp, TENCEL promotes unique performance characteristics, making it softer than silk, more absorbent than cotton, and cooler than linen. These premium features, along with thermo-regulation and moisture transport, offer a better night's sleep.

Natural benefits of TENCEL fibers
Made from cellulose pulp
Ecological Protection

From Wood to Fiber

The cellulose, or ground pulp, used for TENCEL is dissolved in a non-toxic organic solvent. The solution is filtered through fine holes to produce fiber and the solvent is recycled in a closed loop process, which allows it to be recycled.

The fibers are then immersed into another diluted solution that sets the strands, which are then washed in a demineralized water. Once the water is evaporated, the strands are finished and untangled. This revolutionary process has received the "European Award for the Environment" from the European Union.

Eucalyptus wood based fiber is

Naturally Hypoallergenic

Eucalyptus wood based fibers release moisture so quickly that it's very difficult for dust mites, bacteria, mildew, and other common allergies to breed. This unique moisture management characteristic makes TENCEL naturally hypoallergenic.

Because it's so difficult for bacteria to breed on TENCEL's dry surface, Perlux eucalyptus fiber products contain none of the anti-bacterial chemicals commonly added to other bedding products. This makes Perlux bedding particularly suitable for children with sensitive skin or those who suffer from allergies.

Naturally hypoallergenic mattress protector
Optimized Moisture Absorption with

Excellent Cooling Properties

Water is capable of absorbing high amount of heat without radiating much of it to nearby materials. That high heat capacity is also found in fibers that contain water, such as TENCEL. As heat is introduced to the TENCEL protector's surface, the water portion of the fibers absorb the heat and transfer it away from the surface, keeping the surface cool to the touch.

This thermo-regulating effect is even more apparent as the air humidity increases, because the moisture content of the fiber increases as well. While cotton and other synthetic fabrics get warmer as the air gets more humid, due to warm water vapor building up on the surface, TENCEL transports the warm moisture away from the surface and keeps the sleeper cool and comfortable.

Unique thermoregulation of TENCEL fibers
Unique thermoregulation of TENCEL fibers 100% NATURAL EUCALYPTUS BASED FIBER wicks away moisture 100%
TENCEL fibers for sensitive skin

Ideal For Sensitive Skin

When most fibers get wet, they cling to the skin, causing irritation and exposing the skin to the fibers' stiff and rough surface. Sensitive skin reacts particularly quick to heat and cold, as well as to physical and chemical irritations.

TENCEL combines excellent water absorbency with a smooth fiber surface, resulting in a sleep surface that is gentle to even the most sensitive skin. Breathability, moisture absorption, dry and cool micro-climate on the skin, smooth fiber surface, low wet cling effect, and no electrostatic charging means that TENCEL bedding can help offer relief to children or sufferers of skin disease.

Full protection against

Allergens and Dust Mites

To prevent allergens and dust mites from passing though the protector, our protectors are back coated with a breathable, hypoallergenic membrane layer. This makes our protectors especially helpful for those with allergies and asthma, as these allergens may be easily removed from the surface of the protector during recommended quarterly launderings.

Natural allergy protection
Waterproof mattress protectors with TENCEL
Full protection against

Urine and Fluids

Mattresses are more expensive than ever, making mattress protection a smart investment to ensure years of use. Children, pets, incontinence, drinks, and even ceiling leaks all pose a daily risk to the average family's mattresses. There is no better feeling after a fluid spill than known proactive steps were taken beforehand to ensure nothing would damage or soil the mattress.

If a spill or fluid accident occurs, simply remove the protector and place it directly into the washing machine with a detergent that does not contain bleach. Once clean, tumble-dry using the low heat setting. Our mattress protectors and encasements make fluid accidents easy to recover from, while providing a more sterile sleep environment every night.

Easy to install and remove from mattress

Fitted Sheet Style Protector

To ensure a great fit, an elastic band is used on the side skirt to automatically pull excess material under the mattress. Installing a Perlux mattress protector is the same as handling your bed's fitted sheets: simply stretch the protector over your mattress, tucking the band past the sides and to the underside of the mattress.

A fitted sheet style protector can go in the same laundry loads as your bedding, towels, and other soft materials. Simple remove the protector with your sheets, wash with a bleach-free detergent, and tumble-dry in a low heat.

Fitted sheet style mattress protectors TENCEL / LYOCELL SURFACE POLYESTER ELASTIC SIDE SKIRT
Hypoallergenic and breathable membrane layer
Invisa-Touch Hypoallergenic Breathable Membrane

Phthalate, Vinyl, and PVC Free

To prevent fluids, allergens and dust mites from passing through, we back-coat our protectors with a hypoallergenic breathable membrane material. Unlike vinyl, our premium membrane technology does not make noise or trap heat on the surface. Our hypoallergenic membrane is also phthalate, vinyl, and PVC free.

Perlux mattress protection products are soft and thin, ensuring that they will not change the look and feel of your mattress once applied. This is great for those with any type of mattress, including innerspring, latex, or memory foam.

10 year warranty

Quality Assurance - 10 year warranty

All Perlux bedding products are backed by a full replacement 10-year product warranty, contain no phthalates, pesticides, vinyl or PVC's and are registered as a class 1 medical device with the FDA.

Soft TENCEL cover

Soft to the Touch

Perlux mattress protectors will not change the feel of your mattress. This is great for those with any type of mattress, including innerspring, latex, or memory foam.

Easy to clean

Easy Cleaning...Machine Washable

Simply wash the protector with your other bedding using a bleach-free household detergent. Tumble dry on low heat. Do not iron.