Property Manger Program

Property managers coast to coast are now dealing with growing outbreaks of bed bugs, which has increased steadily over the past 6 years. Apartment buildings in particular are experiencing the most cases given the close proximity of one unit to the next allowing bed bugs to spread. Once a unit is infested, pesticide usage alone is often not effective. To increase the odds of success, mattress and box spring encasements should be applied. By protecting the beds, fewer cracks and crevices are available for bed bugs to hide making treatment for bed bugs much easier.

Why SafeRest?

SafeRest bedding encasements are designed specifically to treat and prevent bed bug infestations.

This includes our micro-zipper technology, which prevents even the smallest stage 1 nymph from passing through the teeth of the zipper. Once the zipper is closed all that can be seen is a small seam, which provides peace of mind that the zipper will not allow bed bugs to pass through.

Fear that the end zipper will accidentally pull back leaving an opening for bed bugs to pass through is a frequent problem with most encasements on the market. Our micro-zippers close all the way to the end leaving not gap for bed bugs to pass through. To eliminate the risk that the zipper will accidentally open, a protective Velcro flap is applied over the end zipper securing it on all sides (360°).

Our products are made to last and carry a full replacements 10-year warranty. Our products also contain no vinyl and are constructed with premium cotton terry for the surface material back coated with a bed bug bite proof polyurethane membrane material. The premium membrane backings not only block bed bugs, but also block fluids, dust mites and allergens from passing through making our encasements great for those with children and pets as well as allergy and asthma sufferers. Our encasements are also breathable and will not change the feel of the mattress in any way.

SafeRest Is The Best Choice For Property Mangers

Fast Quotes And Quick Turn-Around-Time

Allow our contract department to quote your property the best price quickly and professionally. Most quotes can be offered same day in writing. For quick turn around time we carry large volumes of bedding encasements allowing us to ship most orders within 24 hours of receipt.

Customer Service

Our customer service professionals are trained to work with property managers and can help assist in finding the right encasements for each mattress including sizes and depths along with questions on how to care for or install our products. Our goal is to offer a great buying experience for our customers both during and after the sale.


Our most important promise to the hospitality industry is quality. Every SafeRest product is inspected thoroughly to ensure it meets all of our strict quality standards. SafeRest is proud to lead the industry in quality by selecting only the best components available ensuring greater longevity and more satisfied customers. Unlike other bedding encasements found on the market, we offer the same quality materials for our box spring encasements as we do on our mattress encasements. This helps prevent the tears or rips often associated with metal bed frames.

So what are you waiting for? Contact one of our super friendly customer sales representatives for a quote or simply fill out the contact request form below. Call (888) 742-8876