Safe Rest:

SafeRest was founded in 2006 as a premium brand of mattress protector products developed through extensive research into the science of sleep protection. Each SafeRest mattress protector was designed and engineered specifically to help improve the health of the sleeper while protecting the mattress from fluids, stains, dust mites, bacteria and bed bugs (found on our encasements). Our innovative protection features include our Breathable Waterproof Airflow Covers, 360° Secure Micro Zippers and Solid Seam Stitching positioning SafeRest as the leader in protection products nationwide. Along with our innovative features, every component used in the production of our protectors was hand picked based on strict quality standards. This commitment to quality ensures that each SafeRest protector will perform to the full extent of our 10-year warranty. We also work closely with our dealers and customer to provide the best customer service experience popular.

As mentioned above, the other integral part of what we’re all about is customer service. Our customer service team is made up of talented individuals that truly care about each customers needs and can help match those needs with the appropriate protection product. In regards to the retailer division of Safe Rest, we partner with a hand picked dealer network to fully understand their business so that we may be a part of their growth and success.

Based in South Florida, Safe Rest is an active member of the community with a portion of our revenue going to support the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation and The United Way. Giving back allows us to continually serve the same community that makes our business possible and to position ourselves as a socially responsible member of society.

To keep competitive in today’s ever-changing market, Safe Rest frequently adapts itself to the latest trends by continually researching and developing new ideas in order to lead the industry in both quality and consumer functionality. The best way to lead is to listen, which is why we also interview retailers and actual customers to find out how we can improve our products even further. If you have any ideas on how we can improve our products, website or customer service, please let us know