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TENCEL® Bedding Products
  • Mattress and Pillow Protection Products
  • Bed Bugs are back! Protect your bed today
  • Protect your family against dust mites, allergens, and fluids

Is Your Mattress Protected?

We spend nearly 1/3 of our lives in bed, which makes protecting our sleep environment not just a good practice, but a healthier practice as well. SafeRest mattress protectors and certified bed bug proof mattress encasements will not sleep hot, change the feel of your mattress and are conveniently machine washable. Protect you and your family with our premium mattress protector products designed to improve health and offer fluid protection.

Lab Tested and Certified Bed Bug Proof
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Our Sleep Products Offer Premium Protection Against:

 Allergy Triggers and Dust Mites
Dust mites are responsible for much of the allergy and asthma triggers many face on a daily basis. By utilizing our breathable membrane back coating, dust mites are unable to pass through protecting the mattress from these unwanted pests...
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  Urine and Fluids
Just one fluid accident can completely ruin an unprotected mattress and void its manufacture warranty. All of our sleep protection products are waterproof and breathable, which prevent small or large fluid accidents from becoming...
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  Bed Bugs
Bed bugs have quickly become a nationwide epidemic infesting thousands of mattresses each year. Available on our bed bug encasements, we offer full protection against these visible blood sucking pests. Our bed bugs encasements...
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The SafeRest Difference

Quality Assurance, Innovative Features, and the Finest Materials

Quality Assurance – 10 year warranty
The high quality of our products reflect the high standards of our manufacturing process. Each SafeRest protector is carefully inspected to ensure each protector reflects are strict quality standards. To demonstrate our commitment to quality, each SafeRest protector includes a full 10-Year Warranty.

Bed Bug Proof 360 Secure Zipper™ Feature
Our patent pending 360° Secure Feature offers the ultimate in protection against bed bugs by eliminating the risk that the end zipper traveler will pull back exposing the mattress to bed bugs. This is realized by securing the end zipper traveler with a fold-over Velcro flap covering it on all sides (360°).

Micro Zipper
The zipper is often the most vulnerable area of an encasement offering bed bugs an easy entry and exit point. Our Bed Bug Proof Micro-Zipper Technology is made from rust-proof micro teeth that are so small when closed that not even the smallest stage 1 nymph bed bug can pass through.
SafeRest protectors are hypoallergenic, waterproof, and breathable
SafeRest Invisa-Shield

SafeRest Invisa-Shield™

Our mattress protection products will not change the feel of your pillows or mattress once applied. This is great for those with any type of mattress including innerspring, latex or memory foam.
Premium cotton terry covers

Cotton Terry Surface

Cotton terry is used as the surface material for our mattress protectors, bed bug mattress encasements and pillow protectors. Cotton terry naturally absorbs moistures and is completely noiseless. Cotton terry is the material of choice when making premium mattress protection products.
Hypoallergenic Breathable Membrane Layer

Hypoallergienic Breathable Membrane Layer

To prevent fluids, allergens and dust mites from passing through, we back coat our protectors and encasements with a hypoallergenic breathable membrane material. Unlike vinyl, our premium membrane technology will not sleep hot and makes no noise.

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